May 23, 2013

Members Present:
Gabi and Martin Baumann, Vicki Gilbert, Janet Beavers, Linda Campbell, Adi and Brigitte Sommer, Lester and Lee LeBlanc, Jim Barnes, Barry Madill, Charles Spangenberg, Bill Legge, George and Carolyn Chant, Linda Campbell, Richard Muise, Tom McCann, Lynn Zimmerman, Mary Ann MacFadyen
Welcome and Call to Order: Chair Tom McCann welcomed the members and thanked them for attending.
Approval of the Agenda: No changes being made to the agenda, Carolyn Chant moved that the agenda be accepted as read, seconded by Linda Campbell. Motion passed.

Approval and Reading of the Minutes of May 20 th. 2012: Lynn Zimmerman read the previous general meeting minutes, and moved that they be adopted as read, seconded by Barry Madill, motion carried. Approval of March 31 st. 2013 Year-End Financial Report: Jim Barnes tabled the financial report, and moved that it be accepted, seconded by Linda Campbell, motion carried.

Report of Board of Directors: Chair Tom McCann gave an overview of the accomplishments and activities carried out by the Board over the past year, which included: - merger of the Wharf Society and North Mountain. - new culvert in driveway - defibrillator - new signage - charitable donations made to various organizations. - property in wharf area is now legally ceded to the organization. - purchase of new tables, chairs and dishes. - replanting of the flower beds by the Garden Club. Bill Legge gave the membership an up-date on work done at the wharf, and anticipated re-newal work to be done at the old schoolhouse property.

Report of the Nominations Committee: ( Charles Spangenberg, and Lynn Zimmerman ) Lynn Zimmerman reported that the following Board members would no longer serve. Yvonne Eggenberger, Angela Eggenberger, Fiona MacDonald, and Carl Zimmerman. New applicants were Adi Sommer , Alice Gowans, and Lynn Zimmerman, as well all other Board members agreed to remain on the board. Lynn Zimmerman moved that all those named be elected to the Board, seconded by Carolyn Chant, motion carried. Lynn Zimmerman then called for the election of Board Executives. The following were nominated and elected by the members. Tom McCann President. George Chant Vice President James Barnes Treasurer Alice Gowans Secretary Moved by Linda Campbell, seconded by Barry Madill, motion carried.

Appointment of Nominating Committee 2014- 2015 Volunteers were Carolyn Chant, Barry Madill, and Lynn Zimmerman.

Proposal for the Old Schoolhouse Site: Presented by Bill Legge: Before beginning his presentation Bill thanked Lynn Zimmerman for taking over the secretarial duties of NMCRA. for the past year.
School Site: - Having determined that due to cost and site problems that the old school could not be saved, it was removed in November 2012. - at that time much needed ditching to improve drainage was done. - work was begun on a plan to create an area for a garden, gazebo, and overflow eating area. - the Garden Club and Real Estate Committee, will work together to develop a working plan, which will include a Memory Garden. - as well a group comprised of Linda Campbell, Jean McCann, Fiona MacDonald and Rachel Barnes will look into designing a commemorative sign. Bill stated that the project will likely cost around $6500.00 , but that almost all of this will be covered by grant applications made to ECBC and the County. Chair Tom McCann asked if there were any ideas from the floor, but everyone was in approval of the above plan.

Free Word: Jim Barnes asked for a motion , to approve joining all of our insurance under one policy, motion made by George Chant, seconded by Gabi Baumann, motion carried.

Bell T.V : Linda Campbell moved that we cancel our subscription, seconded by Gabi Baumann, motion carried.

Charles Spangenberg brought up the need to finish painting the soffits , the matter was referred to the Real Estate Committee.

Lee LeBlanc asked if we could hold summer socials, it was sent to the Activities Committee.

Janet Beavers showed the group t-shirts which she, and Vicki Gilbert purchased , featuring Marble Mountain , which they purpose to sell throughout the summer as a fund raiser, they will also be able to order other sizes and styles. The membership were very appreciative.

Adi Sommer asked about the lack of updates to the web page, Tom McCann reported that this matter is being rectified.

Maryann MacFadyen asked about putting a Canadian flag on the building, Richard Muise has offered to provide one.

Charles Spangenberg asked about a recently purchased score board for darts, but the dart players didn't like it, so it will be returned.

Executive Authority: Lynn Zimmerman moved that executive authority be extended to the coming year, seconded by Barry Madill, motion carried.

Adjournment: Barry Madill moved that the meeting be adjourned.

Minutes prepared by Lynn Zimmerman.